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mission drive within everything
do good in the world and do it in humility
art and helping people
Heirloom Studios
I am patient with stupid people but not those who are proud of it.
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Retired eye doctor. Love all things classical. Create art (stained glass, wheel-thrown pottery, water color, metal art, writer Pangea). Passionate to help people who cannot help themselves. Totally and absolutely abhor victimization. Of anyone or anything. Interested in people of other nationalities and their customs and their nuances. Would love to adopt a family who has undergone impossible difficulties in another country. Love the outdoors, flowers, God's creatures, doing good in the world and not doing bad (although I did do a bad bad thing and served a long prison term. Crime? Trying to stop the victimization of a child. I tried too hard). I am still the same person I was before the prison thing. I am an anarchist. Not a revolutionarist. I prefer anarchy because revolutions do not work. I believe in open borders and doing all that can be done to help the suffering (in most places anyway). Hate country and western everything. Detest rednecks and all they stand for and all they do. They should find another planet to live on. They aren't wanted here. I may add more later----if I think of something.