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special abilites : aura of cuteness

I am a computer programmer who like sci-fi, action, horror and yes some chick flicks.

I also like MST3000 and Monty Python Type Humor- but only in small doses.

I am looking for a girlfriend with similar interests/compatibility. But willing to go that extra mile and watch the oxygen channel at least 1 hour a week with her.

I have been known to frequent flea markets and old bookstore for old books. I once found a First Edition(Bambi) with the original art plates drawn by the author.

I like coffee shops but I don't need coffee to exist- caffine is still a drug people !!!

I really like book stores and have found that I needed to place a cap on my new book buying sprees.

I know that each of us make his/her own future.

I can do anything that I put my mind to.

I love my daughter and try to be the best dad that I can.

I hate people who gossip. I also have a strong dislike for liberal radio.

"the truth is out there, but you must find it first."