The main engines used on Galaxy class spaceships, like the USS Enterprise, on Star Trek.

The warp engines use some sort of matter/antimatter reaction to propel the ship through the galaxy at amazing speeds.

There are certain "levels" of warp. 0 being the slowest, 10 being theoretically the fastest. Nobody knows exactly what happens when the warp 10 boundary is crossed. If I recall correctly, there was a theory about inter-dimensional travel though.

Update: See below. General Wesc is obviously more of a trekkie than I am.

c (the speed of light) is 670,000,000 mph.

Old warp scale

  1. c*1
  2. c*8
  3. c*27
  4. c*64
  5. c*125
  6. c*216
  7. c*343
  8. c*512
  9. c*729
  10. c*1000
  11. c*1331
  12. c*1728
  13. c*2197
  14. c*2744