Sleep time: approximately 11 hours.
Wakeup time: 14:40
Most interesting thing learned today: Sunday is a verb.

Watched some TV. A really awful Australian children's programme was on about the future. The future was basically the same as the present, save for 12 year old children painting their faces with makeup, and the lack of food (though they all looked quite healthy past the makeup).

Had the usual breakfast (two peanut butter sandwhiches, two with liverwurst). There were exactly four normal slices of bread left. Which sucked, because the next bread would've tasted much better.

Played around on Everything a bit. Cast all my votes, no writeups. Spoke to a friend on IRC, but he was playing Tomb Raider 2. Another friend's IRC channel had been taken over by some polish people. For some reason I turned in to the bad guy, and the polish takeover-guy became the good guy.

Mum and dad got home (from where, I don't know) and the racket started again. Barking dogs, and such. I continued to play with my father's computer.

I have decided I want to read Alice in Wonderland. But that's going to be a bit of a problem, since I still have to read Lord of the Flies and Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Flies because I have to (school), and Lord of the Rings because I want to. But, of course, I will have to postpone reading the last half of Lord of the Rings, because Lord of the Flies has to be done in two weeks.

I really hate english and dutch class for that. They literally force you to read a number of books within a specified amount of time. I don't read much, but when I read, I want it at least to be a good book. I've been reading Lord of the Rings since April, and I still haven't finished it. But now I'll have to get several small, crappy, books to read (just read, not enjoy, think about, or in any other way slow down the process of reading).

And of course the fun really starts when discussing literature and poetry in school. This is something I feel is absolutely rediculous. A teacher stating "Well kids, the writer means this and that when he says so and so". I think that if the writer really meant that, he would have written down what he meant and not used freely interpretable metaphores.

I also decided to write day logs again. I stopped for a while because they were collecting too much votes, but I've decided to just ignore the stupid "sort by highest rep" option in the user search. And yes, the C!ing and reputation of one of my writeups about day logs helped too. I'm also going to try and keep track of how much sleep I get and interesting/amusing things I've learned, for no particular reason.

I had fried potato strips (or whatever you wish to call them) for dinner. For some reason I got kind of depressed afterwards. I still am, though writing this shite helps for some strange reason.