The Kabalarian Philosphy was devised by Alfred J. Parker. It aims to combine the rational views of the West, with the spiritual views of the East.

The Philosphy teaches that "the individual" is directly linked to the `laws' of mathematics, and language. Because of this, a person's personality, and actions can be derived from his name and day of birth.

Their ideas are more or less Oprah-ish. A vegetarian diet, think happy thoughts, no swearing, be nice to others, etc.

From their website (at, I get the idea that it is nothing more than a sham. They (The Society of Kabalarians of Canada) sell `name reports', which have a detailed analysis of your name, and hence, your personality. A `demo' can be viewed for free. These reports seem totally random, though. Someone here, on E2, (I forgot who) mentioned that their analysis of Cthulu said naught but good things about his personality. But it does make for an amusing read.