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AUDIO music composition : digital audio production : FILM|VIDEO producing : digital editing : WRITING stories+articles+lyrics+poems : copywriting : DESIGN visual+industrial :: PROFESSION (primary) = creative|brand|identity consulting & design.
"ideas form reality" :: Imagine it. Do it. :: Keywords = Yes. Can do.
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I am subverting reality.

Common reality is a daily and constant bombardment of negative reinforcement and denial: Can't do/be... Don't do/be... Shouldn't do/be... and just plain No.

Ideas that might have served the world, are instead tossed aside untested for lack of vision. That is, the ability to see through all filters, and look clearly into the realm of potential and possibility.

Once viewed objectively, most anything becomes obvious and possible.

This is how I live.

In the end, the dreams & ideas we pursue form our shared reality... I want reality to be a positive one! Filled with action, creation, and excellent ideas fully realized.

Yes. Can do.