My incoherent rambling for today.

Kneeling at your feet.
Silent and still.
Your soft velvet skirt
Cool against my fevered skin
Your hand tangled in my hair
Harshly pulling to get my attention.
Raising my head to gaze at your face
Careful never to meet your eyes
I have been good today.
So good. I am proud of myself
But still your hand in my hair
Hurting me as you smile
Your nails trail down my skin
Touching and teasing
But I get no release
Orgasm is still forbidden
I haven’t forgotten the disaster last week
I know how to control myself
You must know how I feel
Your cool gaze searching my face
Finally the command comes.
Permission for release.
“Now Bri.”
The orgasm rushes through me in waves.
It was well worth the wait