My incoherent rambling for the day or How to Punish a Masochist

Pain clearly will not work. For a masochist, pain is a reward. So, no paddling, no caning, and no whipping. Reserve those things for fun later when your masochistic submissive is behaving. So what can we do? Humiliation seems to work well for some. Make her wear a butt plug to the grocery store and keep tapping it. Pager vibrators work well too. Of course if she enjoys such things, it won’t work as a punishment. Or you could ignore her. She probably just wants you attention anyway. Don’t give it unless you want a repeat of the misdeed. Maybe your masochist can be punished with just an expression of disapproval and disappointment. Even though she is a masochist, she’s your submissive too. If she doesn’t want to please, why is she a submissive? So, tell her your disappointed in her behavior. Give her ‘the Look’ and a sad shake of your head. Maybe that will be enough. You could isolate her. Send her to her room and make her write lines. I’ve found it to be extremely effective. It gives her time to think (something she probably didn’t do before she misbehaved).

a note:These are just things from my experience as a masochistic submissive that have worked on me. Please don’t take this as instruction or a suggestion. Every submissive is different and what works for one, may not work on another.

I was just thinking about how little things can get blown out of proportion and how suddenly when you didn't realize you'd made a mistake, you're in deeper trouble than you know how to get out of. You look at the Mistress' stern face and know that nothing you can say will make her forget that you were defiant. You want to plead with her but she just shakes her head sadly. Too late for appoligies. Go to your room and stay there untiI tell you to come out. What happened to a good old fashion paddling when you misbehaved? A paddling would be nice. A good feeling. Instead you're being sent away from your beloved Mistress. She doesn't even want to look at you. You've really messed up now. You go to you're room, a tear sliding down your face, thoughts muddled and sad.