My life is defined by cuffs of leather on each wrist with steel D-rings. They say 'Property of the Lady' and I am. Anyone who walks into the house can see them. I can feel their eyes on me, judging me. They can watch my naked body as I walk accross the room but they can't touch.

Flashes of the past. Sitting at the Lady's feet as she reads and pets my hair absently. Waking up to the pain of my nipple between her nails and being told to go start breakfast even though it's 4am and I've only been asleep for a few hours.
Running through the woods here, avoiding the path. I can hear the dogs not far behind. This is all for fun. When she catches me she will tie me up and bring me back. Torture, followed by hugs and kisses.

I kneel before the Lady, trembling with desire. She gestures for me to rise. Nylon cord to attatch each wrist to rings set apart on the wall. Leather cuffs being buckled around each ankle. Attatched by a bar between them. I am facing the wall but still she blindfolds me. I can hear her sharpening her tiny little knives that hurt so much. I flinch at each sound that comes from behind me but I don't struggle. If I struggle, she will let me go. She will untie the rope and hand me a robe. I don't want her to stop before she even starts. I crave the feel of the knives.