'Sup with this Everything Open Mic shit?
Sit down, I'll tell ya while I take a hit
From the words on this node, like lyrical honey
Done for yo' pleasure, ain't done for yo' money
Bitches be crying like they was retarded
Chill out, friends, I'm just getting started

Respect to my nigga, Razor in Joey
Where nothin's too flashy, too rich or too showy
Kobolds attackin', roll a d20
This critical shit will be comin' up plenty
When I'm bustin' my clerical skillz to the max
You betta not stand when this nigga attacks
A beat so unique you could die from the heat
Or sweat from the top of your head to your feet
Or burst out in flame like the sun supernova
Bustin' your ass when you think it's over
I'm scoring like Owen, defenders are freezin'
Like All Blacks so ill I just don't need a reason
To pound yo' ass broken like Rodman in season
And move on so swift you be thinking I'm breezin'

Word to my fellow Everything2 noders
Editors, Gods and my homies the coders
Like gunslingers hopped up on whiskey and rye
Ready to do, or ready to die
Workin' by day and nodin' by night
Shootin' out writeups like Rapper's Delight
Raisin' the bar, node for the ages
Makin' a book that don't need no pages
Dannye and Dem Bones and Sensei's disciples
This is my church and the church is my bible

Quick on the draw
Quick on the deal
Welcome to E2
And that shit is real.