The weirdest thing just happened to me and i'm going to have to take it as a sign. I was feeling somewhat lost in my own mind not knowing what to do with my life as it is and then my playlist jumped to a song by Propagandhi called Gifts. This song pretty much summed up everything i've been thinking but couldn't put into words. I got to thinking about what i've done with my life and thinking that I should probably move on with things because i've come this far I might as well just learn from my past instead of repeating it.

Just hearing a song like this doesn't qualify as a sign by itself. The fact that the song number was 1980 on a playlist of 4000+ some songs is what makes it a sign. I was born in 1980. I had just finished thinking about what i've done since I was born and it hits me. Everything that had been eating at my brain vanished.

I can't change what i've done in the past and if I keep basing my future on my past nothing will change. Coupled with the biggest mistake of my life, thus far, two nights ago I have made a promise to myself to change. This promise will be unlike any I have ever made before as I will keep it and base my life on it. Only I will know this promise and so it shall remain for the rest of my life. In order to help myself remember this promise I must do something perhaps a tattoo or some token to remind me. Without it as i've learned in my past I may forget my promise in the hard times.

I'm going to work on this node more later, maybe add the lyrics to the song etc...