Cornershop's "Woman's Gotta Have It" is one of my top five favorite albums.

It is a perfect fillerless rock record.

Much has been said about 6 A.M. Jullandar Shere and i have little to add. It should be the anthem of the world - it is truly international, bringing together East and West, America and Europe and Asia, Islam and Hinduism and Christianity. According to the translation on the Luaka Bop website,

Some people say that the right path is simply for the purpose of going to heaven,
But the right path is not just for the purpose of going to heaven,
The right way is different for different people,
Let us live in union - then we all win, win.

... But English can't convey the power of the original Punjabi. That's how an Indian movie would sound if you would replace Lata Mangeshkar with Pavement. That's the record that The Velvet Underground would record if they would tour Pakistan instead of dabbling with Andy Warhol in their first years together. This is what George Harrison should have written for Sgt. Pepper instead of Within You Without You.

Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu is a mega-rocker, a rollercoaster of headbanging punk.

My Dancing Days Are Done is sung in French. When i read Life of Pi i kept thinking that when a movie based on that book is made, that's the song that should be played in the Pondicherry parts.

Camp Orange beats the crap out of Deep Forest and Enigma. Remember them? Well, forget them please.

Wog is a great three chord simple guitar piece, which nevertheless sounds very well. It acts as the soothing piece before two blazing rockers - Jansimran King and Looking for a Way In.

This is a nearly-overlooked masterpiece of an album.

When all areas are blocked
This path is strength and refuge for all