I am also an Eagle Scout but I believe I do not deserve it, but the hell if I am going to say so. The Eagle Award, where I live, does come with some distinction of honor. It looks good on the resume and you get a little recognition for what you did.

My Eagle Project was not earth shattering. I didn't cure cancer, or feed millions of slovenly homeless. I helped my local library scan reference books into the computer so they could make better decisions about what to replace in the future. It wasn't the Best Thing, I didn't pour blood, sweat and tears into my project. But it tought me how to manage, it helped my fellow scouts to understand the meaning of community service.

I do not agree that scouts today are doing more than those of yesteryear to earn their badge. The military wants to remove the immediate rank increase for Eagle Scouts who join the military. They claim the calibre of Eagle Scouts has declined, and I'm apt to agree.

In my troop, several scouts who were the same age as me, were pushed through as quickly as possible and obtained the rank of Eagle around 15 or 16. That is just horse pocky. What sort of 15 year old knows about being an Eagle? I believe that most, i.e. not all, 15 year olds do not have a sense of community, responsibility, or maturity that is defined with the rank of Eagle.

Why do I believe I am not suited for Eagle? Because I am agnostic, bordering on aethist, but more than likely i'm daoist. The rules clearly state that Eagles have a sense of reverence for God, of which I hold little or none. I don't think the Boy Scouts of America would think too kindly of anything but the typical Judeo-Christian religion, with the exception of a few "officially" recognized other religions.

To end, I don't think I really want to be a part of an organization that discriminate against gays anyway. I'm not going to try to change their mentality, I'll just find another group to work with.