Ahhh ... it would nice if the American people wanted any of these kinds of politics. Even the kinds that I don't agree with ...

It would be nice if the GENERAL American public (not the well-educated, politically minded or highly intellegent public, but the whole public) wanted anything that was on this list.

But they don't.

The American public wants entertainment. They want their politics to fit into a 30-second infomercial, filled with words with two or fewer syllables, perferably in either cartoon or musical format. They don't want to listen to long-winded debates about social reform, they don't want to be educated on the matters on which they will vote on or vote for representatives to vote on. They don't really want to understand what's going on.

They want bread and circuses. So that's what they get.

Mudslinging reminds the public of Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones ... hell, that's entertainment.

If the American public wanted anything more from their politics, they would get it. We, the people of the United States of America don't get to bitch about the state that politics is in anymore. We put it there. We keep it there.

If Americans really want to prove me wrong ... they should change it.