/them: "Dammit ... are you on the computer AGAIN?"
/me: Ummmm ... yes,
/them: "You're on that damn Everything thing again, aren't you?"
/me: "Uh ... no ... I'm, um ... doing research"
/them: "Oh, now you're LYING about it ... just admit it, you're an addict ..."
/me: "No, you just don't get it. You should just try it, just once."
/them: "Hmmm ... perl jokes, all that stuff about some person named DMan, those things you call trolls ... no, that's all right. You can geek out all you want, but we're not doing it with you."
/me: (mumbling)"Fine, I'll grok alone."
/them: "You'll WHAT alone?"
/me: *sigh*