I was just reading the life is too short for women with issues and men with issues nodes ... kind of sad, really.

I mean, COME ON ... does anybody really think that they are well-balanced, especially in a romantic context? Everyone has their issues, ranging from problems with trusting other people, past history of whatever that has scarred or changed the way they see relationships/people of the opposite sex/same sex/love/whatever, insecurity, even just weird little things that bug me. Those are ALL issues and they make all relationships more of a challenge.

But the thing is, you can't avoid them. Even a person who has had no romantic contact has issues - maybe that person isinsecure because of lack of experience, maybe he or she is stuck up and thinks that "nobody is good enough for me".

So, life is too short for people with issues, huh? Well, we've all got them.

I know I have them. I'm a pain in the ass to date, from insecurities about my weight and appearance to my sexuality to my weird little quirks (I'm a phone call counter) ... and everyone else is, too.

I think that, instead of looking for someone without emotional baggage, I'm just looking for someone with managable baggage - someone whose baggage goes with mine.