I think the last couple of weeks have been a slow, steady breakdown.

It's weird. There hasn't been any one moment or person or occurance that's caused this ... no crying for three hours uncontrollably in the middle of work for absolutely no reason. I didn't start laughing and crying at the same time, without the ability to stop *not that I have a lot of experience with breakdowns or anything :)*. Nothing like these usually feel.

I just feel myself slipping away. I'm apathetic, I'm tired all the time ... I don't really care about anything.

I remember feeling like this before. It sucked.

I'm older now, though. I'm more accustomed to dealing with depression ... and I can pull out. For hours at a time, I'm fully functional, even marginally happy. I just always slide back. I always have. Sometimes, the good times last longer, a few months even, but they never last forever.

But I'll make it out.

I always do.