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Interesting fact ... although the [definition] of the word "jezebel" comes from the [biblical] character, who is usually characterized (quite bluntly) as a [whore], there is nothing to support this [characterization].

In the [Bible], Jezebel is a [strong], [pagan] queen who has a lot of [control] over her kingdom. Although she does a few things that are [morally] [questionable], none of these actions are any [worse] than those of her [biblical] male contemporaries.

The only portion of the [Bible] that even hints at a [temptress] nature within Jezebel is in [2 Kings], where she is said to have "painted her face" and "done up her hair" to see a man who she knew would [execute] her (the [prophet] [Elijah]). This [passage] has been construed to mean that she attempted to [seduce] the prophet, but there is nothing in the text to support this.

The woman put on makeup, and she is a [whore]? More likely, Jezebel's name was ruined because of her [power] as a queen and a [high priestess] of Asharah, a [powerful] goddess-figure of this time. The [interpretation] of this [passage] hopes to weaken Jezebel's very strong role, therefore making it [easy] to fit her into the [stereotypes] of women - the [virgin] or the [whore]. Notice that powerful political and religious leader isn't included in these [categories]?