I think we might really have a future together. Now, let's have a little discussion:
    I'm not really good at expressing my sexual desire verbally.
    I have deeply-based problems with my appearance and my desireability. These are issues that will, I repeat, will affect our relationship.
    I need to have time alone. Lots of it.
    I refuse to allow jealousy. I've put up with crap before, and it won't happen again.
    I am terrified of true intimacy.
    I am too opinionated.
    I talk way too much.
    I am insecure.
    I over-analyze everything.
    I will allow resentment to build up until I, suddenly and without explanation, blow up.
    I value friendship, always and consistantly, above romance.
    I start most relationships convinced that they will someday fail.
    I bite the hell out of my fingernails.
    I am addicted to my computer. You'll have to get used to it.
    I am deathly afraid of loving you.
Just so you know.