Different tanget, but applicable.


Why? I dunno ... I think I'm too scared. I think that thought of two people who I love so much and who I respect so much feeling so hurt and (possibly) even revolted by something that is so part of me. I think that it might kill me to look into my mother's eyes and see the progression that I know I would see:

    "Is she kidding?"

    "But she's had boyfriends!

    after I explain bisexuality
    "She is kidding."

    a few hours later
    "Oh my God ..."

    a few minutes after that
    "It's just a phase. I know how she has those phases."

    a few minutes later
    "Oh, God ... please don't let my daughter go to hell."

    "Well, does she have a girlfriend or something?"

    after I explain that I am intentionally single for an indefinite amount of time
    "It is a phase."

    The next day
    "Oh shit ... how do I tell her grandparents this? Is this all my fault? What did I do wrong? I knew I should have taken away her Tonka truck earlier. Oh god, oh god, oh god."

    a few weeks later
    "Oh God ..."

    a few weeks after that
    "Well, maybe she just needs to find the right boy."

Eventually, they might both get used to it. But that would be a long time coming ... a damn long time of explanations and defensive tactics for me.

Maybe I should just anonymously mail them a PFLAG brochure.