Wow ... since, normally I don't dream, it's pretty unusual for me to remember a dream well enough to talk about it, let alone node it almost twenty hours later.


We were sitting in a casino - someplace that seemed pretty familiar to me. There were lots of loud "ding"s that are fairly characteristic of casinos and the ching! of quarters and nickles ...

I was with George (the first love of my life, a sort-of friend) and Dennis M. (also both friends from home). We were playing slot machines and just talking about all the stuff that we normally talk about - books, music, school, parties, etc. Nothing terribly unusual happened.

Then, George lays down on the floor of the casino (with horribly ugly carpet, I might add) because, he says, he's tired. I sit down next to him (we're still in the casino, but the background noise has faded away, like in a movie). We start talking and get to the topic of his girlfriend (who he started dating a few months after we broke up - almost two years ago), who he's never actually admitted to having to me yet. We're talking, he's even showing me pictures of the girl, saying that he's planning on asking her to marry him.

Suddenly, he looks up at me with a look in his eyes that I recognize from when we were dating ... and I get scared. He reaches up and strokes my cheek for five minutes or so, leans forward ...

And I wake up. Weird, huh?