Actually, I had this dream three or four days ago. However, since I just started noding again after a little mini-break and, I suppose, each day is as good as the next when it comes to dreams, here goes.

Strange that I remembered this dream, as I don't dream, generally.

It was about him again. *sigh* I don't even know what he has that I am so drawn to him that I even dream about him. I'm not in love with him anymore, but I can't seem to stop thinking about him, either.

I hate my mind.

In any case, I digress.

We were at the drive-in movies, sort of (we still have a drive-in theatre where I'm from). However, we weren't in a car, we just sat on the ground on blankets. Rather nice, really ... it would be nice if that was how the drive in really was, as opposed to being chock full of drunk people and 16 year olds having sex.

In any case, he put his arm around me. It was exactly how it used to feel to have his arms around me. Even now, when I think about the dream, the sensation is perfect.

We watched the movie, and somehow found ourselves sitting in a big, round room. His arms were still around me, and he would periodically kiss my cheek or neck, exactly the way he used to. We were at something like a pow-wow, but people were mostly just talking.

And we were in our own world.

I don't know why these dreams come to me. I don't know what's going on with my head. Except ... maybe I saw something in his eyes that makes me remember the relationship, even now.

I don't know if I'll ever get that again.