The day entailed many strange things.

Had to meet with a customer today. Of course, I wasn't hired to EVER have to deal with the public (thank you, most of our customers don't even know what typography/graphic design is, let alone how much of it is done on their books). However, because one of our key book people quit a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly get to pick up all of her projects and clients, as well as my own.

Sad thing is, I really liked her and I understand why she quit. So I can't even hate her. Bitch ...

I have a final tomorrow. Gotta love summer school. However, if by taking this one class, I can get out of college one semester early (three left ...), then I guess its worth the blood, sweat and tears that I put into it. Ok, so there wasn't much of any of those. Actually, I haven't quite read the material yet. But, not to fear ... I'm remarkably good at pulling essays out of my ass and getting an "A" in a class that I never studied for. Thank God for a fairly photographic memory.

After studying at the park for a bit, I ran home today to call Circut City and find out if they had fixed my damn phone, as well as to call Safeco to try to arrange the estimate guy to come out to check up on my car. When I get here, my roommate has flaked on meeting the cable guy who was hooking us up today (digital cable ... ahhhh ... and I don't even really watch TV. The music channels are pretty cool, though).

So, I am talking to Safeco, directing the cable guy, talking to Circut City, contesting a charge on our phone bill, and then studying. This was, more or less, all at the same time (well, the Circut City, Safeco, and phone company calls were a series of calls).

Then, the cable guy asks if he can call me sometime ...

Who lives like this?