Fuck ... another day, another day.

I got to work for eleven damn hours today, without any sort of break (except to go to the bathroom TWICE). At least my boss bought me dinner. Still, while I'm glad that they like my work, I wish that we weren't rushing so many projects so that I could get them completed before school starts (24 days ...)

Eh. Whatever. That wasn't that, bad, though. I even got paid to watch the Republican Convention. Tired, though.

I'm going to go back to Montana for a few days in a couple of weeks. Weirdness ... I haven't been home for longer than three days in a year and a half. I have to do primary care physician shit and go to the shrink again - the usual drill. Now, at least, I'll get them all over with at the same time.

I'm wondering what will happen when I go home. I've been thinking about the past a lot lately, and it's not all sitting well with me. There are people I need to see, things that need to be said, and things that I'm afraid to deal with.

Should, at least, be interesting.