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Would have served [Chicago], [South Bend], [Cleveland], [Pittsburgh, PA|Pittsburgh], [Philadelphia], [New York City|New York] and intermediate points

Assigned Amtrak train numbers: 45 and 46

Predecessor railroad train numbers: None

Although appearing in the Amtrak [timetable] in 2000 with the note "service to [commence] on date [to be announced]," due to an [inability] to come to terms with [Norfolk Southern] and [CSX] for the right to run another [passenger train] over their tracks, Amtrak quietly dropped plans for the Skyline Connection in early 2001.

The train would have operated over the same [route] as the [Pennsylvanian], but leaving its [terminus|termini] [late in the evening] instead of at the [crack of dawn]. Like the Pennsylvanian, its primary [raison d'etre|purpose] would have been carrying [freight], a.k.a. Amtrak "[mail and express]."

Much of the mail and express business planned for the Skyline Connection would have been [transfer|transferred] to or from various short-distance [Midwest Corridor] trains in Chicago. Amtrak [plan|planned] to eventually begin service on a few new [route|routes] to feed the Skyline Connection, including one to [Des Moines]. One train, the [Lake Country Limited], between [Janesville|Janesville, Wisconsin] and Chicago, was actually started in 2000 in [anticipation] of the Skyline Connection; the fact that the Skyline Connection never got [off the ground] [doom|doomed] the Lake Country Limited.

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