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Also a New York City-based band, whose members are:

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, guitar, Moogerfooger, other asst. pedals

Don Fleming, Fender Telecaster and busted Arp Axxe

James H. "Jimbo" Dunbar III, Fender Blues Deluxe feedback, asst. keyboards, glass sax.

Formed 1998. Genre: NeMoCore.

The band has been described as Canal Street art-noise, but that description is unnecesarily reductive, though a bone-simple description of foot music is hard to come up with.

The name of the band is, in fact, an acronym, meaning either Fluxus-oriented oscillating trash or Fluxus-oriented oscillating tones, depending on Moore's mood.

Actually, the band was initially named after an empty guitar case Dunbar was using as a sock drawer in his former Canal Street apartment; the case had "foot" written in orange cursive on it. Formed circa 1998, foot is without question Moore's wildest side project. The guiding premise, as revealed through the cryptic liner-note writings of a mysterious figure named Capt. Nemo, is that the trio seeks to invoke the Music of the Spheres thru telepathic and hands-on operation of guitars, amplifiers and synthesizers. The genre deplores the use of drummers, citing the "tyranny" of rhythm.

Other than Moore, the members are: Don Fleming, the guitarist and songwriter who founded Gumball and the Velvet Monkeys and former Columbia A&R dude/man-about-town Jim Dunbar.

foot, (yes, all lower-case) have only played a smattering of gigs, only maybe five ever. Four of them were in NYC: Two off-the-hook noisefests at the now-defunct Cooler in Manhattan's meat-packing district, a third with a trio of white bodysuit-clad performance artists (called "Actress") at a loft called the Greene/Naftali gallery on West 26th, and a fourth at some museum at which Yoko Ono was present. That one actually got written up in The New York Times.

The fifth and most recent performance, in Fall 2001, occurred outside a club near Moore's home in Northampton, Mass. Dunbar wasn't available, so Thurston had to find scabs. Filling in were J Mascis, Tom Verlaine and Gastr del Sol omnimusician/Wilco producer/embarassingly prolific writer Jim O'Rourke. The fivesome cruised up to the club in the Gordon-Moores' white Volvo station wagon, were handed a microphone, and proceeded to bleat AM static thru the club's PA system, much to the bemusement of the folks who'd presumably come to watch the indie-rockstars, um rock out or whatever. According to Moore, O'Rourke savagely molested Kim Gordon's big blue rubber yoga ball during the performance, on the hood of the wagon, no less, which probably didn't help matters much, confusion-wise.

A sixth performance is scheduled for November 2002 at the Zurich Institute in New York, an event curated by the painter Jutta Koether, who also happened to have written the liner notes to DGC's reissue of the Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation CD back in the early 1990s.