A superstar punk band, formed and disbanded 1997, which produced what will very likely be The Great Lost Punk Album, because nobody seems to be able to release it.


Ron Asheton, (of the Stooges), guitar, vocals, piano, tympani
Thurston Moore, guitar, vocals
Don Fleming, guitar, vocals
Mike Watt, bass, beam, spiel
Steve Shelley, drums
Mark Arm, vocals
Sabir Mateen, tenor sax
Jim Dunbar, percussion, glass sax, vocals
Sean Ono Lennon, electronics, guitar, vocals

Track listing:

1. Walk of the Wylde Ratttz
2. World of Hurt
3. Hollow
4. Pull on the Pipe
5. Rosalyn
6. Be My Unclean
7. I'm Not Screwin' Around
8. She's Like Poison To Me
9. March of the Wylde Ratttz
10. Hot Shot
12. Nut
13. L.S.D.

More info at www.wylderatttz.com or www.hootpage.com