Devil Doll is a sexy, seductively hot rockabilly girl with a smooth but angry voice. She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, with her long, cascading black hair, tattoos, big green eyes and hot rockabilly style to top it off.

She speaks to peoples' heartaches with her music. She grew up Irish and working class on the west side of Cleveland.

Her songs are a mix between swing and rockabilly. Her voice seduces you, but also caters to sadness and to the brokenhearted.

The first time I heard her was on a friend's stereo; the song "St. Christopher" was playing. It was a random track on a mix CD and neither of us knew who it was by. I asked around for two months straight and finally found someone who knew who the song was by. Immediately afterwards, I ordered the album, "Queen of Pain" (I'm assuming this is her only album, because I can't find any others).

This is music that sticks with you for a long time. It haunts you, and you remember it forever.

"St. Christopher - Devil Doll

Yeah You, I’m talkin’ to you
with your fucked up hair and your bad tattoos
yeah you, I’m talkin’ to you
you’ve got it all figured out
know what it’s all about
but will you ever learn to shut your mouth

Go to touch me, I draw back
You gotta have your way or a heartattack
You’re gonna use me to put yourself on the map
Well I’m not your fuckin’ cadillac"