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I am a working techie with an interest in everything (well, except biology and country music, but I must maintain some standards). I've done most jobs in IT over the last 27+ years: programmer, maintenance, team leader, project manager, unit and senior level manager. I've worked about half that time in permanent employment and half as a freelancer.

Right now (Dec 2001), I am a project manager on a UK academic project called AstroGrid. The project aims to build a 'virtual observatory', enabling astronomers to access data from many wavelengths and analyse them as if from one source. Very ambitious. I am based at the University of Leicester though there are six other institutes involved in the project and we have links to Europe through the AVO project and the US through the NVO project.

My personal interests include contemporary fiction and poetry, art and history of art, all aspects of science (except Biology), most forms of music (exc...) and just about anything else. The one thing I cannot get enough of is Discworld books.

My technical interests include technology to enable distributed groups to collaborate, the process of software development and the application of system dynamics (I'm a real novice at that one).

A few personal details: I'm Australian though I've lived in the UK since 1978, am married with a fifteen year old daughter and live in the midlands of England.