I was totally fooled tonight by a girl named Renee.

I have two flatmates. Tonight we went out to drink at two bars. For the first bar, we went to Illini Inn, a bar infatuated with the Cubs, the local baseball team. I had a pint of Guiness, while one of my flatmates gained membership at the bar by chugging down a pint of beer. The membership consisted of a membership ID # & future beer discounts. Next bar was White Horse. There I met Renee, the con artist. And also her friend Brad. And another fellow who I didn't catch his name. Later, as I sipped on my gin and tonic, I heard that that she was a Presbyterian from Westchester. ( Of course, the only city or town I knoow of in the UK, being a stupid american, is London ) . I didn't get her horoscope or anything more, however I thought that her foreign accent made her really sexy. Not only that, I was all of the sudden more interested in becoming more knowledgable about the UK.

Afterwards, we were a crowd of 5 pals and Renee at a friend's apartment. We admired the atwork by our peers, displayed at the apartment. We had some candy and snacks. Sipped on some warm cider mixed with Jack Daniel's. Then all of a sudden, shortly after Renee's call on the cellphone to Brad was over, she dropped her Brittish accent. "I'm sorry guys, I can't keep this act up any more."

I was totally fooled. I was convinced she was English, so much so that I thought she was lying to me about being from Northern Illinois. (Perhaps she felt pressured to fit in in America.) I was in a state of shock and confusion for a few minutes. But I guess it worked. Pretending to have a British accent made her seem more attractive as a person, for some reason. I'm not sure if it would go the same way for people with American accent in the UK. And now, here I am noding drunk about the little con artist Renee who had me totally convinced with everything that she said. Boy, do I feel stupid. And drunk.

Renee seemed very satisfied at being successful.

Rana points out re October 6, 2002: Westchester is also the name of a town in Illinois.