Chinese name: 炸醤麺 (zha4jiang4mian4)
Japanese name: ジャージャー麺 (jaa jaa men)
Korean name: 짜장면 (Jajang-myun)

Jajang-myun is a Korean-style Chinese food with black soy paste (jajang) and noodles (myun). Jajang-myun was introduced to Korea through trade with the Qing dynasty of China, and it was offered at a Korean restaurant for the first time in 1905. Ingredients may include but are not limited to: pork, onions, corn starch, jajang, peas, garlic, noodles about the thickness of udon, and optionally, hot pepper. May be topped off with fresh slices of cucumber and winter radish.

I've seen this dish offered at a Korean restaurant and a Korean-owned Japanese restaurant. I've read that it is a common dish in Korean-owned Chinese restaurants.