EditPlus has been my favorite text editor on Windows so far. Some of my higher ranking writeups have ASCII art or fixed width charts made with EditPlus, which has a left align, right align, and center feature, as well as column select (enabled when word wrap is turned off).

Another neat feature is the ability to specify executable commands under the Tools menu. By registering javac.exe, I can compile a simple Java sourcecode with a keyboard shortcut, for instance. The Nansei Islands writeup features a map of islands, which were generated from processing a black and white BMP file with custom made Java code.

However, I'm pretty sure the text editor marketplace has cut-throat competition, and none of the awesome features (which there are many) are really unique. Unlike other sharewares, however, some versions of EditPlus can be continuously used after the supposed 30 day trial period. My EditPlus installs tend to go on years without ever entering a registration code, because I don't mind the nag, and I lost the registration code I paid for years ago.