The best known mangas by Akira Toriyama are Dr. Slump and DragonBall (and DragonBall Z), which were both features in the weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump, and were both made into TV anime series in Japan.

The Dr. Slump manga series lasted during 1980 - 1985, resulting in 18 volumes.

The DragonBall manga series lasted during 1985 - 1995, resulting in 42 volumes.

An episode of DragonBall temporarily introduced characters from Dr. Slump, just for fun. Some of the ideas in DragonBall had come from Akira Toriyama's life. For example, the Karin sage's face was modeled after Toriyama's pet cat's sleeping face. Majin Buu's chubby body was an exaggeration of the author. And so on.