A delicious lager, that was, until recently, not really available in Britain or the US. Until about a year ago, Löwenbräu was, in the UK at least, available only in a rather unpalatable version, that was brewed under licence in the UK. However, this changed recently, and now Löwenbräu is exported from Munich to the US and UK. The export version is probably my favourite lager. It is less bitter than most lagers available in the UK, and as such has become rather popular amongst Imperial College students. In the UK, Löwenbräu is available as half-litre cans, 330 & 660ml bottles, and on draught in some pubs, especialy in central London. For the least expensive pint of Löwenbräu in London, I suggest Southside Bar, in Imperial College's South Kensington campus, at £1.96.