A beautiful and very fast car made by JaguarSport in 1993

Cost; £290,000
Top speed; 217 mph
Engine; 3.5 litre turbo V6
Power; 549 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Chassis; Aluminum honeycomb
Body; Sheet aluminum
Acceleration; 0-60, 3.6s 0-100, 7.9s

The XJ220 started life as the XJR-9, a similar looking car with four wheel drive, and a V-12 naturally aspirated engine. The finished car was rear drive only with a turbo V6 engine, making it much lighter, and therefore giving it better acceleration. It was also less technically complex, and given Jaguar's record on reliability this was definitely a good thing. The 220 part of the car's name indicated its designed top speed of 220 mph, a speed it didn't quite achieve. It was however, when first released, the fastest production road car in the world. Although it has now been superseded in that respect by the McLaren F1, amongst others, it is still, IMO, the most beautiful supercar ever built