In the November 22, 2000 issue of SPA magazine (only available in Japan and in Japanese?), there is an article written by Akio Nakamori about a former bartender from Stylus by the name of Yoichiro Kondo. He has recently written a book about Antonio Inoki, a famous professional wrestler, and has recently made his debut as a singer/songwriter. In the article, Yoichiro talks about his former days working days at Stylus and his starting music career. blah, blah, blah. boring, boring, boring.

HOWEVER, I just know him as the guy who always stood on top of the bar counter, sung his famous "Stylus" and "Happy Birthday" songs at special events at Stylus, and chugged massive amounts of alcohol. I will never forget the last night at Stylus where he sang "Stylus" for the last time and proceeded to chug a whole bottle of rum and proceed to jump off of the bar counter, run outside, puke it all up, and then run back in and chug whiskey.

All I have to say to this is

genki desu ka
ichi, ni, san, da--------a!!!
(for all of you Antonio Inoki fans) (but don't forget Haru Ichiban and Ryuzo Morioka because they all look alike)