One of the 3 top universities in Tokyo. It's abbreviation is so-dai. The others include Tokyo University and Keio.

Really tough to pass the entrance exam. Unless you are famous like the current wasejo Ryoko Hirosue, you can buy your way in. My friends that go there are still pissed off about her. This includeds one of my friends threw away 2 years of high school social life in preparation for the damn entrance exam for this place. He memorized tons of worthless information that has no use or relevance.

Of course, like all other japanese colleges, once you get into Waseda, it is a breeze to gradurate. Unless you are like my friend above and his roommate who both failed last year. baka. But he, like most japanese students spend all of their time drinking around takada no baba station on the yamanote line which is very close to Waseda.

...and you wonder why I didn't go to a japanese university?

BTW, Waseda is an area in Shinjuku that is, well, named Waseda, and has a subway station named, you guessed it, Waseda. (But takada no baba is more convenient)