In the continuing rivalry between east and west in Japan, these are some things said about Osaka natives by Tokyo natives.

Osakans are all yakuza

Osakans wear shoes in their houses

Osakans all walk on the wrong side of the escalator. (When in Tokyo walk on the right. Stand on the left. Opposite in Osaka. )

Their Kansai dialect, is grammatically wrong and they should speak the Tokyo dialect

Osakans speak too loud

Osakans are very rude in speak and mannerisms

Osakans speak in a tone that sounds like they are angry

Conversations between Osakans always sound like a manzai comedy routine by the way they frequently use tsukkomi and boke

Still can't get over that fact that the forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu beat Hideyori Toyotomi in the summer war of Osaka of 1615 without saying that he cheated

Osakans are all die-hard Hanshin Tigers fans

Well, you all know that stereotypes and generalizations are true don't you?

By the way, most Japanese love Osaka and Osakans. This humble nodist happens to go there once or twice a year and be fluent in nise kansaiben.