Today, one of life's great mysteries was answered for me. What possible entertainment value does that stupid snake game on the Nokia phones have? Now I know, you could use it to pass the time, but frankly, I don't think the game is that entertaining, I think people look stupid when they are madly pushing keys on their phone for ages, and surely you can find better things to do than play a mono-coloured blocky game?!?

I used to think this until I was stuck in a 4 hour meeting at work today that dragged on and on and on. The drone of the presenter became like the hum from air-conditioning vents in your office - not quiet enough not to be painful, but noisy enough to be distracting. It was hot and stuffy inside the cramped office space that was rather optimistically called Meeting Room #1. At that point, it occurred to me how to break the boredom - a game of Snakes suddenly sounded quite appealing.

And therein lay the answer to my question: Snakes is a great game when you are well and truly bored. Pray that you don't end up in those situations too often, but when you do, that trusty moving rectangular snake will be your salvation!