One thing I have learnt about life is that really small insignificant things really give me pleasure. Take today for instance. It's a public holiday here in Melbourne which is in itself enough to make me smile. Yesterday, I visited Michaels camera store to get a photo print of a digital photo I had taken of a rose.

It was a macro (close-up) shot of the rose, not more than about 5 cm away from the flower. The luscious pink petals filled the entire lens while the greenery of the leaves were softly out of focus behind it. It was a very simple shot, but it looked fantastic.

Upon seeing the photo, the guy at Michaels (a chubby version of the talkshow host Phil Donahue) asked if they could take a second copy to display on their photo gallery in their store. They would add my name to it, the camera that I used (a Sony CyberShot F505V), and they would give me the second copy free when they eventually took it down. From that one simple gesture, my whole world took on a rosy glow (no pun intended) for the rest of the day. I cannot explain why - sure it was a nice photo and the Michaels staff obviously agreed, but it is just a photo. Still, my day has been great. Even now when I look at the 8x10 photo, I still feel good.

Such are the simple pleasures in life.