Today I am feeling wracked with guilt. Last night at 2am I heard what sounded like a girl screaming in pleasure. I wasn't really paying much attention because I was listening to the Fight Club soundtrack. However, after a while, the girls screams penetrated through the sleepy haze that I was in and I went to stare out the window. I could still make out the girl screaming, but couldn't distinguish any words or even exactly where it was coming from. I thought the noise might have been coming from across the road from one of the university Colleges - the lights were certainy on - maybe they had a party - maybe some College chick was getting lucky - anyway i couldn't be certain. After a little while, the noise stopped and I went to bed.

Today, I found out that a girl was raped on the road in front of my dorm. It occured just 10 metres away from my room but because of the shape of the building, I could not see her. Now I am feel shamed - I could have done something if I had not comfortably assumed that everything was okay. Damn it. To that girl that I don't know ... I am sorry.