For the past few weeks I lost all interest in E2. Where once I was rabidly checking and rechecking new nodes, creating new nodes and chatting in the Chatterbox ... I simply didn't care.

Oh, I still checked in every couple of days to have a cursory read of one or two nodes ... but everything seemed bland, nothing was exciting. And more importantly to me, I had lost my interest in noding.

Try as I might I simply could find nothing to node about - well that's not quite true - there were many ideas that floated across my mind, but when I thought about the effort of sitting down and actually writing it, I lost all desire to do so.

So I stopped trying. I went off and pursued other things for a while. I kept checking up on the writeups of two of my favourite noders, simonc and trina (both Australian - can't beat the Aussies :), but for all intents and purposes, I no longer participated in E2.

Until on week ago.

That's when I participated in a particularly bad conference call at work. The idiots on this call had no idea about conference call etiquette and where bugging the crap out of me. All of sudden I had this deep down unstoppable urge to write a node about the idiots on conference calls. I opened my web browser and poured out pages of vitriolic criticism. Then I deleted the two pages of text and wrote it again in a calmer frame of mind :) There. I felt better.

And mysteriously, like opening the flood gates, the ideas and motivation to node came flooding back. So in the last week, I have noded everything from conference call etiquette to How to save Quicktime movies from a web page and most importantly, I am loving it once again.

The problem is I'm now back to rabidly checking E2 every spare minute I have!