It's 1:15am here and already I have received news that makes my day complete. One month ago, my very close friend Susie (not her real name) collapsed while doing Honours work in a cancer research lab. She was rushed to hospital and underwent a CT scan. What they found was that she had a brain tumour.

Now this is bad enough in itself. However, this was an additional problem on top of the other problems that Susie has experienced in the past three years that I have known her. These include: being date raped, sisters being annorexic, dad has terminal stomach cancer, missed out on tranferring to Vet Science at uni by 0.01%, her family farm being totally destroyed by floods, having no money (and I mean *no* money), having a nasal passage problem that caused breathing problems. Frankly I think most people would be unable to survive the torrent of problems that Susie has suffered.

As of 12.45am, I have just found out that Susie underwent a MRI scan and the results are: the brain tumour is benign and it's not big enough to be a worry at this point. Susie has to take medication to prevent the seizures, but that is it - this beats having to have brain surgery to remove the tumour. On top of this, Susie got accepted to Vet for 2001!!

This news doesn't have much to do with E2 directly, but I am so happy for Susie that I needed an outlet to express it. Jumping around shouting in mutal happiness gets tiring after a while! Way to go Susie!!!