I'm pissed off!

Today the Victorian Government (Melbourne, Australia) has announced that the movie Exorcist will not be permitted to be screened in cinemas on Good Friday on account that it will offend the sensibilities of good Christians!


What happened to separation of Church and State? Why the heck are Christian principles being rammed down my throat? It's not even like anyone is being forced to sit down and watch the movie. If you are so offended by it, don't go and see it! Sheesh. And the ironic thing is, you can still hire the original version of the Exorcist on video without any problems. You can still buy porn without any problems (would have thought that this would concern them more than the Exorcist).

And where does this stop? Do we ban Schindler's List on Yom Kippur? Do we ban Tora Tora Tora on Anzac Day? Do we ban Wall Street on Labour Day? There was a post on The Age newspaper website from one irate reader who summed up the ridiculousness of the situation with this comment:

I demand that the film "Chicken Run" be banned on St. George's day. It portrays people from Northern England as blood thirsty sadistic simpletons. St. George's day should be a reflection of how gentle, pure and important English people are. And if you are not English, then tough - you won't be able to see it on St. George's day - but why should I care about your rights. We English are more important and self righteous than you - so what we say goes.

I certainly hope this doesn't set a trend for the future ... maybe it's time I changed who I vote for ....