Sydney 2000 Olympics IT Facts and Figures

As many people know, IBM is the worldwide technology sponsor for the Olympics and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games is their last one. Having followed the efforts of IBM in providing the IT resources for the Games, I hereby present some facts and figures that I have gleaned from a multitude of newspaper, website, radio and press releases.

Olympics Web Site Traffic (

Facts & Figures

  • 7,300 IBM PCs and ThinkPads connected to the Olympic Games IT network.
  • 4,300+ IT volunteers worldwide worked on the Olympic Games IT systems.
  • 2,000 INFO workstations and kiosks located throughout the Olympic venues in Sydney.
  • 1,500+ IBM technology specialists worked on the Olympic Games IT systems.
  • 200 IBM technology specialists and volunteers needed to run the technology at the Olympic stadium alone.
  • The equivalent of 50 laps of cable (10km) was laid in the stadium to handle the data feed to scoreboards, officials and media.
  • 815 network switches
  • 540 Netfinity Servers supported the Games Management System storing massive amounts of data (4.7 terabytes) generated throughout the Games.
  • 50 RS/6000 PC and 3 RS/6000 SP servers managed and organized data generated by and INFO.
  • 38 international test events for Games systems held prior to Sydney Games.
  • 13 million lines of software code written for the Games (1 line of code needed to be fixed during the Olympics).
  • 3 S/390 Parallel Sysplex systems powered the Central Results System responsible for processing results for the 300 medal events in all 28 sports.
  • IBM software that helped pull all the Games technology together included: Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, MQ Series, Tivoli, DB2 and VisualAge Team Connection.