If you own an automobile with a manual transmission, this will also do the trick:

Assuming there is a hill, or some sort of slope nearby, place the vehicle, nose first, toward the slope. (NOTE: This is easily done with the vehicle in neutral, and with help of someone else.)

After aiming the front of the vehicle at the slope, get in. Firmly press the brake and clutch pedals, and shift the vehicle into first gear. At this point, release the brake, and have your friend push the rear of the vehicle, causing it to begin to roll down the slope.

Once you get to about 5 M.P.H., release the clutch, and it should force your engine to begin moving, effectivly starting the combustion cycle, which will start the process of turning the alternator and re-charging your battery.

NOTE: This works best on pre 1990 model vehicles, as newer models have a computer controlled distributor. Also, a small amount of backfire is normal.

This should not take place of a normal jump start, but if stuck in a tight situation, should work.

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