Still awake, I think this day will go by rather slowly. It's only 9:30am where I am (Nashville), I've only been awake for 8.5 hours, I should be able to last the day.

So after waking up, I decided to head home, and see who's there. I come across Marie* and Ted* sitting on the porch, along with Vanilla* sitting on the stairs. I exchange greetings with the three of them, and head in for some coffee.

Today, I decide to go with a twist. Vanilla comes in from outside, and up to the bar. She asks what I want. "My usual," I say, "this time with a litle Amaretto in it." I get a weird look, changing something I get here is about as frequent as hell freezing over. With a flip of a cup and a scoop of ice, my drink is prepared.

Sitting outside, I realize that Marie is a little down, Ted seems like he's on crack, and suddenly NightShadow passes by as if he's on a mission. He then comes back, and sits down. It's a bit late for billiards, so we chat for awhile instead.

"Do you remember what it was you need to talk to me about so badly yesterday?" he asks.

"Oops, no, I forgot already." my response slightly irritates him.

"Many people don't believe the fact that alcohol kills braincells. Here's living proof." he says as he points to me.

Mind you, I had a few drinks last night, just to kinda celebrate the finalization of my ASP project at work, the successful taking of the Windows XP MCP beta exam (71-270), and the end of a hellified week. It's not like I drank myself silly.

"Whatever man." I reply, and walk back to the bar for a refill.

Later that evening, everyone begins to clear out, scorpgrrl had shown up earlier, and we are somewhat dancing in the smoking room to some James Brown from the jukebox. I retreat, again, to the bar, and begin talking to Vanilla, who appears to be bored out of her mind. It appears I'm going to meet up with her later tonight at Jodie's, a bar downtown. Should be interesting, seeing as she has to work again at the cafe this evening.

I just hope this one single day turns out better than any given day last week.

Billiards w/NightShadow at 4. Results to come later.

* - Names changed to protect those poor souls whom I associate with.