*cracks knuckles*

Wow. I haven't done one of these daylog things in a long time... Let's see if I still know how to do it...

It's Sunday, September 23rd, 7:15am, and I'm still sitting here at cafe coco. I've found an ethernet jack behind the obscenely out-of-place oxygen bar, so I'm on a cablemodem connection, sitting on the porch. Rock on.

Last night, I woke up around 10:30pm, popped my medication for my bronchitis that I acquired Monday at work. Watched Chill Factor on Showtime, then called my friend Holly*. Holly says that if I want to see her tonight, I have to get my ass out to the "cafe bla-bla". Now. I jump up, throw on some clothes, and head out.

Upon arriving at the cafe, I'm greeted by Holly, looking beautiful as usual, and her friend Amber*. Give my hugs, and we go order food. Spoticus, as he likes to call himself, decides to join us. We place our order, sit down, and Holly whips out her photo album. Mind you, photos are always nice to look at and remember good times with friends, but these photos are of her. Some are baby photos, and some are school photos, but none the less, she's always been attractive from what I see.

Food arrives: Pizza. While Spoticus meticulously tries to find ways to hit on Holly, I enjoy my pepperoni and mushroom personal pizza. Now mind you, I have an intrest in Holly, but I let him have his fun. I found his attempts to be quite amusing. After Holly finishes her pizza, Holly and Amber decide it's time to go to Murfreesboro to have a few drinks at one of her friends houses. At about the same time, Nightshadow walks in, gets his coffee, and sits down. At this point, we share our jestive pokes at each other, and then simmer down for a night of conversation with other cafe go-ers.

Now, the reason I came out to cafe coco this evening was to see Holly, since I quite obviously overslept my arranged billiards meeting with Nightshadow earlier in the day. Now that they've left, I start getting bored, and begin singing songs from the jukebox. During the course of said singing, I accidentally toss a cigarette butt into Nightshadow's coffee. As I go in to get him another coffee, I notice the cafe has filled up with all sorts of beautiful women. Some being vandy candy, some being just run of the mill girls. I also notice that Spoticus is hitting on just about all of them. I grin.

After Nightshadow leaves, I am left with nobody I know here except the aforementioned "womanizer". No real intelligent conversation is exchanged, just a private count, that some of us have designed to designate those hotties that we see. I end up at 63 by the time everyone leaves.

Before Spoticus leaves, I notice the ethernet jack behind the oxygen bar, and make a cable for it. After one unsuccessful crimping of RJ-45, here I am. Writing a daylog. Watching the morning people come and go.

Pretty boring, eh?

* - Names were changed to protect people mentioned in this daylog. If you find it obvious who I'm talking about, then you probally know me; Keep it to yourself.