Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for my financial situation.

I have, in my hand, a check for $400. My rent is due today, I have court tomorrow, as well as various other bills to pay, and was short on my last paycheck because of a wonderful illness called bronchitis. I just hope that my landlord will be lenient with me, since I'm on an open-ended lease, and allow me to pay half now and half later. If not, I get to move in with my parents again, and that would NOT be fun.

Last night, I was up for 25 hours. I did this because of what happened Saturday; sleeping through an entire day can really mess with your head. I needed to get back on schedule for work, so I didn't have to miss any more than I already do for court tomorrow. Fun was had, I played NightShadow In billiards around 5:30p. He tore me up and down the table, then I got exhausted, and did the same to him. *shrug*.

After billiards, we went to T.G.I. Friday's and had dinner. I had the Jack Daniels' Pork Chops, while he had the French Dip. If you like pork, and like seasoned, flame-broiled pork, then definately give them a try. I had two 8oz slabs of meat. Very, very good.

Right now, it's 3:40pm where I am, and I go on lunch break from work in 20 minutes. I'm going to attempt to hit the bank, deposit that check, and get a cashiers check for half of my rent.

Please wish me luck with the landlord and judge tomorrow. I am definately going to need it.