Wow. It's Sunday already. Where did the time go?

Friday, 6/8/2001.

I almost walked out of my job today. Sure, I'm happy getting paid to basically sit on my butt and take second level tech support chats and program all day, but for the mess that I have to deal with from our India call center, I should be paid much, much more. Actually, they're not the problem. The company is the problem. I've been slowly burning out in my position there, and finally reached the breaking point. I called my boss, (at HOME, mind you...Isn't that why they're salaried?) and politely explained the situation I was in. He immediately had me check the vacation calandar for availability, and then said, "Why don't you take next week off for a sanity break. If you're dead set on terminating your employment afterwards, so be it." I was more than happy to accept his offer.

After work, I did my normal routine of getting coffee, chatting with friends, and the new ritual activity of playing a good game of pool with Gihran and Morgan. Morgan, mind you, is the same girl I have my eye on. Afterwards, I decide to go home and get some sleep.

Saturday, 6/9/2001.

Today was my sister's 11th birthday. I woke up at 2pm, very ill-prepared for this. I rushed over to Wal-Mart and got her a new game for her Game Boy, and a new CD. My mother's cat, Mitzy, died on tuesday, so the atmosphere is still somewhat somber in my parents house. I brought over my cat Neon, in hopes to lighten things up a bit. Bad move. My sister's cat, Buddy, wanted to play with Neon, who was violently opposed to the idea. My sister was extremely excited to see Neon, however, so I guess it was ok. *shrug* At about 9pm, I leave my parents place, so they can sleep for the drive to Florida today, and so I can go hang out at, you guessed it, cafe coco. No sign of Morgan tonight, unfortunately. However, Gihran and I went and played a nice game of pool anyway.

During the game, I suddenly realized that I had nothing to be stressed over, and things started looking up, including my game. Having a few beers in me, we make our way back to the cafe, while I proclaim to everyone outside and at the bar that "I am a walking alcholic beverage." Quite amusing. On the back porch, I find NightShadow, Ed, Nessa, and Ashley. We chat, and Ashley starts this really frustrating game. Nessa and I went to get her sparklers from the car, and proceed to play with them in the parking lot. Afterwards, we return to the porch, and Ashley, Ed, and NightShadow are still playing (or at least attempting to play) this game. I become intrigued, and now *MUST* figure it out. After about 4-5 hours of trying, I become very angered, and am shown the basics. It's so simple. I just let it overwhelm me, and thought about it way too much, as I tend to do most things. It's at this point, that I hit the next revelation in my life. I have not sat back and enjoyed the simple things as much as I should. I need to take this week, throw logic out the window, take things for face value, and enjoy life. I will, too, that is after I replace the entrance door frame at home.

I'm going to read a good book.
I'm going to sit and watch the birds.
I'm going to sit outside, with good company, and just talk.
I'm going to watch a sunrise. Again.
I'm going to watch a sunset.
I'm going to go back to work next week feeling refreshed and confident, knowing that life is simple, and I am enjoying it.